Dreams Night
Dreams Night is an event series held by Dreams Initiative. The value proposition of the night is to entertain, poke whilst listening to each others dreams and help some dreams come true. The format is participation oriented unplugged conversation event in which music, poetry, philosophy is welcome along with the expression of dreams.
Dreams Festival
Dreams Festival is the first ever national youth event organized by the Dreams Clubs which contains content through the imaginative production of the applicants of the retrospective students. It is held every June for 4 days. At the end of each Dreams Festival a big dream cloud is set free to go to space. The festival contains genres such as arts, music, environment, gaming, knowledge design etc...
Dreams Week
Dreams Week is a concept specially designed for high school students. During Dreams Week, high schools will be surrounded with a concept to inspire students to imagine and have fun whilst bringing a solution to the theme which is presented. With the help of different disciplines such as video, writing, drawing or just narrating, students will be able to talk about their dreams and set their imagination free around the introduced subject.
Dreams Academy
Dreams Academy is intended to help university students to welcome imagination back to their way of life, thinking and reasoning. It is an elective course which aims to bring structure to help imagination flourish and become the main injection to choice, source and development of life actions. The course is open to all faculties, will contain guest speakers and outdoor sessions as well as workshops. First Dreams Academy will start at Harran University in February 2016.
Dreamstalk is a dream platform which enables university students to express themselves freely. Students who attend Dreamstalk events which take place all around Turkey, give a chance to their dreams at the moment they get on the Dream Cloud and tell their dreams.
World Dreams Forum
World Dreams Forum proposes that imagination is the solution to world's problems rather than economy. World Dreams Forum will be held at the magical Cappadocia plateau of Turkey in 2018. The forum is planned and structured to host an international crowd and aims to become an annual global event.
Dreams Coaching
Dream Coaching is for university students who have graced the Dreamstalk stage and shared their dreams with us. Students who do not have a dream, or want to turn their dreams into reality are supported by International Coaches Federation certified professional volunteers. Dream Coaching is a social responsibility project by CoachZone, a dream partner of Dreamstalk. 14 university students are currently using dream coaching to come one step closer to their dreams.
Dreams On
Dreams On, are projects which can turn into state of the art and social citizenship platforms which can be sponsored and/or purchased by institutions for their own perception activity purposes.
Dreams Clubs
Dreams Clubs are student clubs which are situated and function at the universities funded by the Dream Initiative. Main object of Dreams Clubs are encouraging students to imagine along with various activities to help them express themselves in their unique way. Dreams Clubs are now open at 4 universities including METU, Ozyegin, Harran and Dokuz Eylül.
Dreams Research
The most influential and innovative ideas that changed the world flourished from a dream. That's why imagination is the key element for expansion and the evolution for the world. Dreams Research aims to find and create tangible facts about the relation between imagination and humankind evolution, based on worldwide academic and scientific research.
Dreams Trip
Dreams Trip aims to organize charity trips to locations to help children in remote places. The objective is for those children to have access to equal opportunity to be heard by the opinion leaders who attend the trips which include authenticity, imagination, and experimentation.
Dreams Products
Dreams Products, are products designed for advancement and betterment of imagination.

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